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We are sure you will find for yourself or someone special some
computerized chess sets, checkers, bridge, backgammon, casino, card, or dominoes games
that will challenge the expert, charm the casual player, and coach the newcomer.
For those of you who are not chess enthusiasts,
we have searched near and far to find truly CLASSIC games for all ages.

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Our new powerful Grandmaster playing strength
chess computers are available now!

Millennium ChessGenius, Model M810

Millennium ChessGenius Pro, Model M812

Millennium ChessGenius Exclusive, Model M820

Click here to read a detailed description of the
2000 ELO / 2400 USCF ranked electronic chess computers
Millennium ChessGenius, Model M810
Millennium Chess Genius Pro, Model M812
Millennium ChessGenius Exclusive, Model M820


The World Chess Championship 2016
is scheduled for
November 11 to November 30th
at the Seaport District in Manhattan, New York
25-year-old reigning champion Magnus Carlsen of Norway,
the challenger 26-year-old Sergey Karjakin of Russia.

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Table top Chess Computers
Table-top Electronic Chessboards

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to view our elegant natural wooden chess computer,
the Millennium ChessGenius Exclusive, Model M820.

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electronic checkers ( draughts ) games
electronic checkerboards sets

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Handheld Chess Computers
Hand-held Electronic Chessboards

We have chess computers to fit your needs.
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Using a chess computer, or any of our electronic games, is good for your health.
When you play a game of chess you are stimulating your brain's
cognitive functions by deeply concentrating.
Most people don't use this kind of intense thought process in their everyday lives.
Areas of the brain that are necessary for concentration
are being used while playing a game of chess.
So by playing chess, checkers, backgammon, bridge, cards, or dominoes
you are exercising your brain,
and you are actually becoming more intelligent.
Keep your brain healthy through regular daily exercise
by playing against your very own chess computer / electronic chess game
or computerized classic game from Classic Chess and Games .com.

We keep on hand the original (in most cases) magnetic chess pieces / chessmen,
A/C adapters ( adaptors ) / electric transformers / power packs ,
and manuals used by
Fidelity Electronics International, Mephisto by Hegener + Glaser,
Novag Chess Computers,
Saitek Industries, and Excalibur Electronics electronic chess computers.

Our chess computers / electronic chess boards
make unique gifts ideas for any occasion, or holiday
for Mom, Dad, a recent graduate ( grads )
for holidays like Mother's Day, Fathers Day, Graduation Day,
Birthdays, or any special occasion.
Father's Day is Sunday, June 18, 2017.

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chess computers / digital chess / electronic chess games,
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electronic dominoes,
tabletops, handhelds, and others


Do you remember the Phantom series from Fidelity Electronics International,
or the Mirage from Excalibur Electronics?
These chess computers would move their own pieces by themselves
across the chessboard.
We no longer carry the
Phantom Force Robotic Chess, Model 740D

because it is no longer in production. has computer checkerboards.
We sell electronic checkerboards.
also known as computerized checkerboards.
in several different models listed below.

Millennium Karpov Schachschule (Chess School), Model M804


Chess "the game of kings" has become a part of mainstream culture.
People can be seen playing chess on TV, in the movies, as well as in real life.
Xavier and Magneto play chess in the movie X-Men.
Cerebro, Professor X's super computer, most likely plays chess.
Have you seen the movies X-Men, X2: X-Men United, X-Men: The Last Stand?
Our chess computer
Millennium ChessGenius Exclusive is very similar
to the super-stylish chess sets featured in the X-Men films.

Chris Rock can be seen playing chess in the movie Bad Company.
Harry Potter plays several magical games of wizards chess
in the movie Harry Potter and the Sorcerer's Stone.
Have you seen the movie Harry Potter and the Sorcerer's Stone
where they play wizard's chess?
Our chess computer

Millennium Karpov Schachschule (Chess School), Model M804

has voice and sound effects very similar to
Harry Potter's wizard's chess.
That's wizards chess.

Crispin Glover uses a talking chess computer in the Lil' Bow Wow movie
Like Mike, - as in Michael Jordan the basketball player.
Hackers use chess references in movies like The Matrix.
Chess is all over television
from classic sit-coms like MASH, Cheers, Friends, or Seinfeld
to shows like Monk, Big Brother, or Deadwood.
Rappers The Wu-Tang Clan has a rap song about chess,
and MTV music video on YouTube
called Da Mystery of Chessboxin'.
In the television series, The Terminator: The Sarah Connor Chronicles,
a scientist developed a chess computer AI artificial intelligence he called
The Turk, which was named for The Turk Chess Automaton.
The Turk is believed to later evolve into the super computer Skynet.
Pepperidge Farm sells cookies called chessmen.
Howard Stern talks about chess on Sirius XM Satellite Radio with
Robin Quivers, Artie Lange, Eric Fred Norris, and Benji Bronk.
(Robin told Howard to use the chessboard Mr. X gave to him,
probably the Phantom 6100, because the board moves the pieces itself.)
A listener also gave Howard the Phantom Force Robotic Chess, Model 740D
as a Christmas present.
A character in the movie Inception uses a chess piece as a totem.
Chess computers are mentioned in the Sci-Fi movie Ex Machina.
The entire movie Searching for Bobby Fischer focuses on the game of chess.
The chess computer Deep Blue was a character in an episode of Futurama.
Captain Kirk and Mr. Spock play chess aboard the Enterprise on their Star Trek.
Star Trek was the inspiration behind creating the first chess computer.
Jedi like Luke Skywalker, droids like R2-D2, and aliens like Chewbacca
play holochess / holographic chessboards / hologram chess boards
in movies like Star Wars
(but using hologram / holographic creatures).
Do you know how to play chess yet?
Don't be left out.
You can learn how to play the game of chess while online with us today,
or by using one of our chess computers.

Learn how to play chess,
or the card game of bridge the Classic way.
Click here for learn how to play chess tutorial instructions online.
Click here for learn how to play bridge tutorial instructions online.

You can both learn how to play chess or bridge,
and practice playing chess or bridge
on any of the electronic chess computers or electronic bridge games
available on our website.
Click here to browse our selection of chess computers.
Click here to browse our selection of electronic bridge games.

Below are the different words for chess in various languages.
Ajedrez in Spanish.
Click here to read this web page in Spanish.
Hacer clic aqui para Espanol.
Echecs in French.
Schach in German.
Gli scacchi in Italian.
O xadrez in Portuguese.
Xiang Qi in Chinese.
Shogi in Japanese.

Do you have an older electronic computerized chess set from
Saitek Industries, Excalibur Electronics,
Mephisto Chess Computers,
Novag Chess Computers,
or Fidelity Electronics International?
Browse our selection of
electronic chess
/ digital chess / chess machines
and upgrade today!

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chess computers, checkers / draughts, electronic bridge games, backgammon,
casino, and card games.
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Frequently Asked Questions
What is the best chess computer?
Which is the best computer?
What is the smartest chess computer?
What is the fastest chess computer?
Which is the smartest chess computer?
Which is the fastest chess computer?

Is there more than one Novag Citrine?

Is there more than 1 Novag Citrine?

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Talking Caller ID Voice Announce 9900CW
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Chess has been played from ancient times to the present.
Now chess computers / digital chess / electronic chess
is becoming very popular.
You may have already seen an overpriced electronic chess board
at a local Radio Shack or Sharper Image,
heard about the IBM chess computer Deep Blue vs Garry Kasparov,
or Deep Fritz vs. Vladimir Kramnik, on The News,
or IBM's "Watson" - I.B.M. Jeopardy Computer Watson,
or viewed a chess computer on a television show like the X Files.
You can purchase your chess computer from us securely and safely online today.

If you don't know how to play the game of chess,
you can learn how to play while you are here
with our easy to follow instructional webpages.
You can also learn to play the card game of bridge online with us.

Click here to see the choices of
chess computers / digital chess / chess machines / electronic chess games
hand-helds, and table-tops
available to you,
or click the names listed below.

Chess Computers

Millennium Karpov Schachschule (Chess School), Model M804
Millennium ChessGenius, Model M810
Millennium ChessGenius Pro, Model M812
Millennium ChessGenius Exclusive, Model M820



DGT USB Electronic Walnut Chessboard with Timeless Chess Pieces
DGT BLUETOOTH Electronic Rosewood Chessboard with Timeless Chess Pieces
DGT BLUETOOTH Electronic Rosewood Chessboard with Classic Chess Pieces
DGT BLUETOOTH Electronic Rosewood Chessboard with Royal Chess Pieces
DGT BLUETOOTH Electronic Rosewood Chessboard with Ebony Chess Pieces



Talking LCD Chess, Model 375V
Touch Chess And Checkers, Model 404-2
Travel Chess, Model CH03
Cosmic Touch Screen Travel Chess Computer, Model CH05
Deluxe Talking Touch Chess, Model 404D

Micro Travel, Model CH09
Advanced Travel Chess Computer, Model CH04

Expert Travel Chess Computer, Model CH06
Saber IV, Model 901E-4
Novag Star Ruby, Model 1023
Alchemist Plus, Model K18
Nicole Miller, Model 923Game
Aragon, Model K14V
King Arthur, Model 915
Mephisto Chess Trainer, CT03
Novag Star Opal, Model 1027
Maestro Travel Chess Computer, Model CH08
Mephisto Talking Chess Trainer, Model CT04
Kingmaster III, Model 911E-3
Mephisto Chess Challenger, Model CT05
Mephisto Chess Explorer Pro, Model CT12
Millenium Touch Chess and Games, Model M120
Millenium Karpov Chess Plus +, Model M205
Millennium Europe Chess Master II, Model M800
Millennium Talking Chess Professor, Model M386
Ivan II, Model 712
Centurion, Model K08
Mephisto Chess Explorer, Model CT09
Mephisto Chess Explorer Pro, Model CT12
Novag Star Aquamarine, Model 1033
King Arthur Deluxe, Model 915W
Electronic Glass Chess, Model 775
Millenium Talking Chess School, Model M182
Millenium Orion Intelligent Chess 8 in 1, Model M204
Novag Carnelian II, Model 1024
Mephisto Talking Chess Academy, Model CT06
Phantom Force Robotic Chess, Model 740D
Novag Obsidian, Model 1016
Mephisto Master Chess Computer, Model CT07
Mephisto Master with Wood Chess Pieces, Model W07
Excalibur Grandmaster, Model 747K
Novag 2Robot, Model 1036
Novag Citrine, Model 1032
Mephisto Exclusive Senator Chess Computer, Model CT08

Electronic Bridge Games

Bridge Mate, Model 277

LCD Bridge Tutor, Model 417
Deluxe LCD Bridge, Model 417D
Pro Bridge 311, Model CI04
Pro Bridge 310, Model 611
Pro Bridge 610, Model B05
Fidelity Electronics Electronically Encoded Bridge Playing Cards

Electronic Backgammon Games

Touch Backgammon, Model 477ET
LCD Backgammon, Model 377
e-Backgammon, Model 477

Electronic Casino and Card Games

Solitaire Glow, Model 370G
Casino Game with Calculator, Model 1007
Talking Gin Rummy, Model 380
Touch Casino, Model 411

Electronic Miscellaneous

Electronic Dominoes, Model 405
New York Times Touch Screen Crossword Puzzle Deluxe Edition, Model 455DB
Talking Bingo, Model 450
Talking Caller ID Voice Announce 9900CW
Talking Caller ID Voice Announce 500

Berlitz EuroTraveller Pocket Translator

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