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Millennium Karpov Schachschule (Chess School), Model M804
Millennium ChessGenius, Model M810
Millennium ChessGenius Pro, Model M812
Millennium ChessGenius Exclusive, Model M820



DGT USB Electronic Walnut Chessboard with Timeless Chess Pieces
DGT BLUETOOTH Electronic Rosewood Chessboard with Timeless Chess Pieces
DGT BLUETOOTH Electronic Rosewood Chessboard with Classic Chess Pieces
DGT BLUETOOTH Electronic Rosewood Chessboard with Royal Chess Pieces
DGT BLUETOOTH Electronic Rosewood Chessboard with Ebony Chess Pieces



Talking LCD Chess, Model 375V
Touch Chess And Checkers, Model 404-2
Travel Chess, Model CH03
Cosmic Touch Screen Travel Chess Computer, Model CH05
Deluxe Talking Touch Chess, Model 404D

Micro Travel, Model CH09
Advanced Travel Chess Computer, Model CH04

Expert Travel Chess Computer, Model CH06
Saber IV, Model 901E-4
Novag Star Ruby, Model 1023
Alchemist Plus, Model K18
Nicole Miller, Model 923Game
Aragon, Model K14V
King Arthur, Model 915
Mephisto Chess Trainer, CT03
Novag Star Opal, Model 1027
Maestro Travel Chess Computer, Model CH08
Mephisto Talking Chess Trainer, Model CT04
Kingmaster III, Model 911E-3
Mephisto Chess Challenger, Model CT05
Mephisto Chess Explorer Pro, Model CT12
Millenium Touch Chess and Games, Model M120
Millennium Europe Chess Master II, Model M800
Millenium Karpov Chess Plus +, Model M205
Millennium Talking Chess Professor, Model M386
Ivan II, Model 712
Centurion, Model K08
Mephisto Chess Explorer, Model CT09
Mephisto Chess Explorer Pro, Model CT12
Novag Star Aquamarine, Model 1033
King Arthur Deluxe, Model 915W
Electronic Glass Chess, Model 775
Millenium Talking Chess School, Model M182
Millenium Orion Intelligent Chess 8 in 1, Model M204
Novag Carnelian II, Model 1024
Mephisto Talking Chess Academy, Model CT06
Phantom Force Robotic Chess, Model 740D
Novag Obsidian, Model 1016
Mephisto Master Chess Computer, Model CT07
Mephisto Master with Wood Chess Pieces, Model W07
Excalibur Grandmaster, Model 747K
Novag 2Robot, Model 1036
Novag Citrine, Model 1032
Mephisto Exclusive Senator Chess Computer, Model CT08



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