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Cabinet size 11.75" x 10.5" x .75"
Chessboard size 8" x 8"

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Your Novag Carnelian II chess computer can be your tutor if you are a beginner, or a challenging chess partner if you are already a chess player.
The Carnelian II has long term memory, and will retain the last board position (save a game for later play).
The Novag Carnelian II has many chess features such as setup position mode, take back move function, suggest a move, coaching, referee, 2 player mode, and save game.
There are 16 LED's along the left and bottom of the chess board indicating where to move pieces.
Carnelian II has beautifully carved wood chessmen.
An LCD screen also displays chess moves in addition to showing other useful information such as a count down timer, or chess clock.
The Novag Carnelian II uses the latest technology giving this chess computer a 1900 rating.


MODEL #1024

• Estimated rating of 1900
• Hand carved wooden chess pieces with 2.25" King
• Stylish table-top chess computer with beautifully carved wooden chess pieces.
• 16 LED's - 1 small red light on the left side, and bottom of the chessboard indicates where to move chess pieces.
• The 16K strong program with a 8 MHz system clock speed and it s many features allows a varied and challenging game
• The wide-ranging opening book contains more than 8500 halfmoves, including exciting middle and end game strategies
• 128 level settings, including training, tournament and problem solving levels
• Programmed in accordance with the international chess rules, knows en-passant moves, castlings, and pawn promotion
• 1 or 2 player mode with scoring, hints and analysis
• 2 player mode will referee 2 human players to make certain both players follow rules of chess
• Switch sides with computer during game
• Computer can play itself
• Saves game in memory for future use
• Take back move function allows you to experiment by taking back past moves
• Hint funtion will suggest a move to you if you need help
• Move function will force the computer to immediately make the best move it has found so far
• Setup positions, or enter a special sequence of moves, i.e. a particular chess opening or moves you found in a chess book
• Includes instructions for the following languages; English
• Powered by 6 AA batteries (100 hours of battery usage), or Optional A/C adapter
• Includes Free
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