(this product has been replaced by the Bridge Mate, Model 277.
It has all the same features.)
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Bridge Mate, Model 277.


Cabinet size 4.5" x 8"
Screen size 2.5" x 3"






• Pocket-sized bridge computer allows you to play anywhere,
• Strong program that plays the American 5 Card Major and
ACOL systems. Suitable for all Bridge players.
• Ideal for players of all skill levels.
• Automatically shuffles and deals, scores, and follows suit.
• Hint key will give suggestions.
• Large easy-to-read LCD screen displays your own hand and
dummy's hand, tricks made, score, vulnerability and more.
• No cards to lose
• Includes instructions for the following languages;
English, French, German, Dutch, Italian, and Spanish
• Requires 4 AAA Batteries

The following is a list of the buttons found on the Pro Bridge 310
that will give a better understanding of how it operates.

SCORE - Press to enter score mode to view the score of a rubber.
VIEW HANDS - Press and hold to view NS or EW hands
VIEW INFO - Shows number of tricks made so far, current
contract, and current bidding systems.
SCROLL - To select number of remaining tricks to be claimed by
NS and EW, or view more info in VIEW INFO.
SOUND - Press to turn sound on/off.
HINT/SYSTEM - Press before dealing to change bidding systems.
During playing/bidding press to ask the computer for a suggestion.
REBID - Press to replay the same deals.
CLAIMS - This will let you claim any remaining tricks.
GO/STOP - Press to turn computer on/off. The bidding systems,
dealer, and vulnerability will remain the same when you
turn the Pro Bridge 310 back on again.
VALUE KEYS - Each card value card, from the 2 to the Ace,
has a key. There is also a 1 key.
SUIT KEYS - Each suit has it's own key. There is also a no trump
ENTER - Press to confirm play, bid, hint, claim, to move to the next
round of cards, and new deal.
DOUBLE - Press to double the previous bid, which is indicated by
a "d". You can also redouble, indicated by an "r".
PASS - Press to pass your turn to bid, indicated by "-".
modes. Press while playing or bidding to return to deal selection mode.

MODEL #611


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