Most people are concerned about credit card safety on the Internet.

Revealing credit card numbers to an unknown source leaves most people wary
of this popular form of shopping.

By default, web information is transmitted via normal Hyper Text Transfer Protocol (HTTP).

If the server is secure, information will be transmitted via HTTP with Secure Socket Layer (SSL) extension, invented by Netscape Communications, Inc. (The URL will have https:// in it.) SSL is the most widely adopted secure data transmission protocol on the Web.

When you place an order with Classic Chess and Games .com over the internet, you enter a
secured area, called SSL, for entering your personal information.

Depending on what browser your computer uses, you will notice a small lock logo at the bottom of your web browser. This indicates that the data is being trasmitted is encrypted and safe.

Before you click on the [Submit] button, nothing is transmitted from your computer.

What matters most is which channel to use for data transmission AFTER
the [Submit] button is clicked.
After [Submit] is clicked your computer starts transmitting the data from the form to our
secure server using Secure Socket Layer (SSL).

If you are filling out our secure form using : Netscape version 3 or earlier, the browser shows a broken key icon at its lower left corner when the form is being filled out.
However, the moment you click the [Submit] button, the broken key
immediately changes to a solid yellow key.
Microsoft Internet Explorer 4.0 or Netscape version 4 and later, the open lock icon at the lower left corner changes to a closed lock icon after the [Submit] button is clicked.

Either way, please rest assured that the data that you just entered has been
sent away in encrypted form.

It is actually safer to shop on our site with your credit card than in a retail store.
Classic Chess and Games .com utilizes the latest technology with state-of-the-art security.


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