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Cabinet size 3" x 4"
LCD display 2" x 2.5"

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The power of a multifunctional chess computer combined
with the efficiency and ease of a touch screen.
Packed in an elegant and functional housing with an oversize
touch screen.
Touch Chess & Checkers is powerful, compact and fun to use.

MODEL #404-2

• Estimated USCF rating of 1700, or ELO rating of 1500
• 73 Chess Levels - adjust to your exact playing strength
• 16 Checkers Levels - adjust to your exact playing strength
• Button Free Touch Screen
• Tournament Strength
• Help mode shows all legal moves for beginners
• Threat Warning Indicator
• Selectable opening lines for play and learning
• Teach Mode for Beginner Players
• Mate Trainer for Advanced Players
• Info mode to "Peek" into the computerΉs brain
• Auto Play to watch the computer play both sides
• 32 Mate Problems for you to solve
• Skill Rating Feature
• Announces Mate-in-3 moves
• Built-In chess clock
• Move counter or position score display at all times
• Set up and solve chess problems
• Large Touch Screen for Fast Move Entry
• Off Key saves game in memory
• Adjustable-Time Automatic Shutoff
• Take back function will allow you to experiment
• Hint function will suggest a move for you
• Includes 16 famous chess games of the world champions.
• Set up mode allows you to setup and play different chess positions
• Force move option will force computer to make the best move it has found so far
• Switch sides with computer to make it play for you, and you can play for the computer.
• Integrated chess coach will warn if a weak move is made (this feature is only enabled if you
want it to be)
• Referee mode for 2 human players
• Chess clock
• Designed and programmed in the USA
• Optional Leather Electronic Travel Case
• Includes instructions for the following languages; English, French, German, Portuguese, Italian, and
• Uses 3 AG13/LR44 Button Cell Batteries, Included
• Includes Free Classic Chess And Games .com Warranty


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